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Excel Events and Entertainment (P) ) Ltd. was established in the year 2012 and quickly grew to be the name to reckon with for conceptualizing and planning all kinds of events be it weddings, corporate events, conferences or themed parties. We involve right from visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events. Our goal is to help the client achieve their objectives and provide maximum self-satisfaction with our cost effective delivery.

Vision and Mission

To thrive and provide customers with quality services by managing the events from the beginning till the very end with our cost effective delivery and thereby bringing smiles on customers.

Core Values

Pursuit of Excellence | Strive to exceed expectations of our clients Collaboration | Team work to achieve collective and individual goals Economical | Cost effective services to our clients Learn | Experience counts and goes without saying on our continuous learning and innovation in the field of events


At Excel Events, we are a bunch of passionate, dedicated and creative team with proven experience in the field of event management. We ensure quality services to our client at every stage of event planning with great attention to detail and to make your event a total success.

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Your brand is important to all aspects of your business – and you want to ensure that your event communicates your vision while staying within budget and meeting your marketing milestones. Let us manage your corporate event marketing, logistics, media and vendor contracts for conferences, meetings, retreats, celebrations and more.

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